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Hello, Want to present SolaRoof to you. I'm part of a group that have now started Life Synthesis As, soon you can visit us at We will work with Solaroof technology to make controlled environments for aquaculture and horticultures. 4-6 June we will be present at Miljøfestivalen 2010 to present our efforts. Would like to hear your coments on SolaRoof. To read more go to, or Best regards Bård Hans Sylling +4799298723
25/05/2010 08:18:37 - Bård Sylling

Travel Fellowship
Dear Harald Rostvik, I am a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota, USA in the field of Civil Engineering. I am applying for a travel Fellowship to come travel Norway and research sustainable building design. If I receive the fellowship could I come to visit you in Stavanger? Can I include the visit and an interview in my project proposal? I am very interested in your experience in designing structures that use solar energy and green roofs. Please contact me by email as soon as you are able. Thanks so much for your help! Elizabeth Manning Engineer in Training
22/01/2010 03:45:12 - Elizabeth Manning

testing site Guestbook
18/10/2009 14:04:06 - Harald N

history of solar architecture in Europe
Dear Harald Rostvik, Robert Hastings suggested I contact you.Also, we met at the ISES meeting at Orlando in 2005. We had dinner together with your daughter at the awards banquet. I am the coauthor of "A Golden Thread: 2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology." We are now updating the book. Robert told me that you are very knowledgeable about solar architecture in Europe and its history. Could I interview you by phone or by email regarding the subject. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, John Perlin
23/08/2009 08:50:33 - john perlin

Hei Harald Røstvik, Jeg driver arkitektkontoret Architectopia ( i Oslo, med hovedfokus på bærekraftig arkitektur. Jeg er i Stavanger 9.oktober og har veldig lyst til å treffe deg. Passer det for deg? Mvh Andrew Holt
17/08/2009 10:13:36 - Andrew Holt

testing site Guestbook
16/04/2009 09:08:21 - Nils

Nice Webpage :)
24/03/2009 11:30:33 - Peter

24/03/2009 10:46:28 - Otto R.

Passive House
Dear Harald, I wonder if you would be interested in working with our projects in UK.
22/02/2009 22:35:37 - Mitra Hedman

new employer
I just wanted to give you my new contact info. AF decom offshore is my new employer, main business decom of offshore installations, my job is to add more value to business unit by finding new sources for income. som 134 yoeras of agitiation in Green warriors of norway has finally come to and end. or?
14/01/2009 15:20:34 - jan-hugo holten

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