SunLab books, videos and pictures.

Harald N. Røstvik,
SunLab Publishers :
"The Sunshine Revolution" Book. Sold in 52 nations.
Raving reviews. 188 pages. 300 colour photoes. NOK 298
"Solenergi".Norwegian version.Book. NOK 298
"Solbilløpet". (Tour de Sol).Book. NOK 188
"The Sunshine Revolution". Video. VHS PAL.15 minutes.
Music: Chris Rea With Morten Harket, Frederic Hauge. NOK 300

Harald N. Røstvik and others,
James & James Publishers, London :
IEA 19 Product Catalogue.
IEA 19 Handbook.
IEA 19 Case Studies.
IEA 19 PC-program.

Harald N. Røstvik :
Solar pictures (cars, boats, planes, buildings etc.)

Books, videos, pictures. Bestille her

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